How long does the illustration take?

Once ordered, they will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks depending on the turn around time. If you require it earlier, please contact me directly to discuss a *rush order.


Can I print the illustration my self?

The illustrations are emailed as large quality PNGs and can be blown up as large as A1. I recommend around A4/A3/A2 for best results. You can the PNG to your local printing shop (or submit it online) and use a high quality printer on some thick or glossy paper. If you’re in Australia I suggest going to OfficeWorks using their jet printer on the glossy poster paper.


Are the illustrations printed?

If you select Digital File at checkout you will receive an email copy only. To order a physical print select the print size you would like. You will still receive your illustration via email with 3 different background colours - you can the choose which option you would like to be printed at your chosen size.


Can you illustrate the faces?

My style just includes the eyebrows. This is because of the style I work best with. 


Can you crop multiple pictures together?

I usually work off an exact image that you want illustrated. I can sometimes combine multiple photos if you don’t have an image of all the people together. Please contact me prior to ordering to ensure this is achievable.


Can you use any type of photo?

The better the quality of the image, the better the illustration will turn out. The photos that work best are usually ones taken by someone without cropping eg arms cut off the sides. The photo should also be good quality and not blurry as it is harder to see the detail. Please ensure the image is bright enough to determine correct colouring


What if I change my mind on the image after you’ve drawn it?

My drawings take quite a long time to do so I don’t allow change of mind on your final image. If you wish to have parts of the drawing altered I’m happy to do whatever you’d like (e.g. change of colours, facial features).


Can I use your illustrations for business purposes?

No, my illustrations are to be used for personal use only. If you are looking for an illustration to be designed for your business send me a message to discuss.



For any other questions please contact me via my website or at hello@createdbyzoe.com or via 0407 666 484